Clear Fork River Creel Survey Form
Mohican Fly Fishers of Ohio
Copyright Mohican Fly Fishers Club ©2007
Hours Fished:
Date Fished:
Number of trout caught. Or enter "None"
Number of trout kept. Or enter "None"
Provide details about
the location fished on
the Clear Fork River.
Specify the sizes of
trout caught.
Details about other
species caught. Size,
quantity,  and species.
Enter "None" if none
were caught.
The sizes and colors
of the flies and lures
Enter Additional
information about your
fishing experience
such as weather, water
level, water clarity,
water temperature, or
any other worthwhile
This survey information will be provided to the Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife
to assist them in the management of the trout population in the Clear Fork
River. Please fill out the this form as completely as possible.